Uncover what you stand for

This is the heart of what we do. To establish a set of values which define what a business or an organisation stands for. Creating a set of brand values benefits a business in many ways.

Sell your values, not products or services

The objective is to, firstly, uncover what a business stands for. This then becomes the basis for marketing communications, product and service development, staff interaction, and the physical space.

In going through this process, the purpose is to discover keywords or values that help define a business, and articulate what makes them different to competitors. We want to establish a set of values that a business can trade off, rather than simply trading off the product or service that is offered. The values are genuine and felt throughout a company or an organisation. Our job is merely to identify and mirror them back, rather than to artificially create a set of values that has no meaning or connection with the business.

Think different

These workshops use psychological techniques and play association games to untap the creative part of the mind. These allow for free thinking. What we find is that after taking these inputs, whether that is from all the staff or a core project team, the words that come out naturally form into a number of groups. From that, we identify the strongest words, and these are presented as the brand values.

Once these are set in place, we can start to communicate the brand.