Businesses often think that what customers want to know is the functional value they bring. While providing a level of functional utility is imperative for any business the art of communication becomes memorable, desirable and entertaining once you start appealing to the emotions of the mind. Great brand communication is associative, it’s built through connections, it paints a picture, make statements that are almost impossible to justify and provides an idea that perfection can be attained.

When you look at your business communication see which part of the brain is it appealing to? The more that you can appeal to the right side of the brain the better you will build your brand and the more effective your communications will be.

A philosopher priest by the name of Dr. Erasmus of Rotterdam in the 16th century stated that we are twenty-four more times influenced by our emotions than we are by the very nature of things. Brand is ultimately about taking dull and boring products and services and making them sexy, exciting and desirable. Take shoes for example, 70 years ago a shoe provided simply a functional level of utility.  Now a shoe has a variety of price points from a Nike trainer to a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s, through brand communication they have developed their position and create preference in the mind of consumers.