All the good things wrapped up in one

Bland to Brand has evolved from firstly being a pure brand strategy agency to one that then brought brands to life through graphic design, motion graphics and web. While what we provided was the basis of making a great brand we never stayed with a client to help them actually market their business, drive revenue and growth. As far as we were concerned back then, we had done our job and wished our client well for the future.

We eventually came to the realisation what’s the point of having a great brand and look if you don’t follow through with it and if it doesn’t generate revenue? That’s why today Bland to Brand offers a complete package where the sweet spot is not just pure brand strategy, or a nice looking website, or an optimised lead generation service, it is the combination of all three that actually makes a well defined, engaging, memorable and profitable brand, which stands out from its competitors, creates attraction and has the ability to charge a price premium.

Many ways to skin a cat

We have no intention of hurting any animals here, not intentionally anyway. What we do have an intention of is how to maximise a client’s profits. Within each field that we specialise in: brand strategy, design or business development there is a clear process of how to do things correctly. Those are methodologies we have learnt from some of the best minds in our respective fields within the agency world of London.  Those detailed processes we follow are reflected in the services we offer.

Where we differ from traditional agencies is that we are not rigid in which aspects of the process we engage in. If a client has an issue with brand awareness it doesn’t mean that we have to go through a complete brand overhaul or sell them unnecessary logo design services. There will be elements of brand strategy they will require, as well as design and business development for them to achieve their goal. What this means is that we have many strings to our bow, many colours in our palettes and that allows us to create highly bespoke solutions with very tangible results.