Brand Concept

The background: Water is a big market, and the guys who can brand water, a homogeneous and free product, are really geniuses, in our eyes. This was a conceptual project where the client wanted to explore ideas of bringing an ‘ethical’ water brand to the market where the proceeds would go to charity, something that is a little in vogue at the moment. This project was not to establish a final look and feel, but an initial exploration of where this concept could go, and to raise some additional funding off the back of that.

What we did: Apart from the charity angle the team behind this wanted to find a hook for the brand. We did the research and the values workshops with the client. What came about, in essence, was that the team were very passionate about changing the world, they weren’t interested in the project to make a quick buck, and they wanted people, in an easy way, to join the revolution.

From the values we derived the brand name ‘Incite’, the idea from making a change, globally and locally. For packaging concepts, we wanted to use the image of famous revolutionaries who also incited change within their time. Obviously down to rights issues we probably wouldn’t be able to use their faces for the final product, but felt at the level of concept, and to sell the idea to other investors it captured the essence of the brand well.


  • Research
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Story
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Marketing Campaigns