Personality goes a long way

Brand personality is a term that is battered around board room tables quite a bit these days. The idea that a business or a brand has a personality is not a new one, but what does it really mean?

The psychology of personality

‘Personality’ is a concept borrowed, as are many ideas in brand development, from the world of psychology. The idea of personality is quite complex and has been studied from Aristotle to modern day thinkers. At the base level personality is about how we all differ from one another. This is manifest through the way we each think, act and behave. By having this sense of personality we distinguish ourselves.

Furthermore, this sense of personality allows us to make choices in life that aid us. If I need a shoulder to cry on, I know the friend I should call upon, based on their personality – their consistent behaviour, their ability to empathise and act in a way that I require.

By doing so, the concept of personality allows us to compartmentalise all aspects of our relationships. We, in turn, get to be known as the ‘guy’ or the ‘girl’ that is either fun, or serious, intellectual, or silly, and so forth. Personality acts as the shortcut to get to know someone. Our personality shines through, and if at a dinner party, for instance, we meet a few new faces, the personality we have allows us to connect with and relate to individuals or equally turn them off in a very short time period. Remember first impressions count.

Your business needs a personality

Through this, you might see how this also relates to business. If your company has no personality that is communicated and expressed, it makes it hard for potential customers to decide whether they want to use you or not. Without your brand having a personality, it makes it really hard to create attraction or preference. There is nothing there for a consumer to think: ‘I like that company.’

By having a brand personality it also acts as a way to protect your business from the competition. While competitors might be able to copy the products or services that you offer, it is next to impossible to copy a personality. That is generally unique to you and owned by you, and can be a business’ best defence mechanism.

Businesses should try to understand, what is their brand personality. By defining that you can create the reason to like your company in a consumer’s mind.