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Create, reiterate, dominate

12 month ‘all you can eat’ brand development & design support for startups

Having worked with loads of startups, we understand the space. Entrepreneurs have ideas and they want to create. However, they often miss crucial steps in defining their business and brand and thereby miss out on the ability to leverage perceptions and emotions to create desirability in the minds of consumers or investors. This incredible offer allows you to build your brand, and build it again and again, or adjust it, modify it, or push it out by giving you 12 months of support in brand creation and development.

Think, Build, Pivot, Push out

12 months’ support of ‘all you can eat’
branding, design, web and more

We’re the Robin Hoods of
the brand & design world

Bland to Brand has been in the brand development and design industry for over 15 years, working with a variety of SME’s and some of the largest brands on the planet. We take the methodologies, strategies and creativity that only big brands and our top paying clients can afford and we give it to two startups a month for a fraction of the price.

An unbelievable ‘all you can eat’ offer!!
We only give this to two startups

#1 Brand strategy

Competitor insights
Values creation
Brand definition
Our typical agency fee: £3k

#2 Developing the pitch

Crafting the offer
Our typical agency fee: £1k

#3 Naming and messaging

Create brand names
Product names
Our typical agency fee: £1k

#4 Identity design

Logo creation,
Business stationary design
Brand guidelines
Our typical agency fee: £2k

#5 Graphic design

Investor deck, brochures, flyers, banners, packaging etc
Our typical agency fee: £3k

#6 Web design

Creating your website (standard web functionality)
Our typical agency fee: £3k

#7 Copywriting

For website and brochures
Our typical agency fee: £1k

#8 Video

One day’s worth of video shoot and additional editing time
Our typical agency fee: £2k

#9 Photography

One day’s worth of photography
Our typical agency fee: £1k

#10 Social media set up

Get you on to social media
Our typical agency fee: £300

That’s more than £17,000 worth of services for under £10k, but that’s not all…

Before we get to that…
Check out what we did for these guys

Here we created the concept of a conscious eating establishment combined with a yoga studio in a prime retail location in the heart of Islington. Hence the name OMNOM, a marriage between spirituality and food. As well as creating the concept, we designed the interiors using 3D modelling software to try out various looks and feels. From here we managed the execution of the interior design in the space and helped launch and market it.

So what else do we give you in this
‘all you can eat’ offer???

Typically startups spend a lot of resources in building their brand and website and then either taking it to market or to investors and only then realising it needs to be changed or adapted. The trouble is just to get o that stage, a startup would have burnt through a large chunk of their budget, and now are stuck. So that’s why our unbelievable offer allows a startup to go back to the drawing board or make any changes they need to in that first crucial year of setting up.

So that’s why we give you all of this as well:

12-month support which includes:

  1. Reworking naming and logo identity
  2. Rebuilding or editing website
  3. Regular updates of the website
  4. Creating landing pages for marketing campaigns
  5. Setup of MailChimp account and design for email templates
  6. Design of PowerPoint presentations
  7. Designing any new marketing materials throughout the year, e.g. flyers, brochures, banners etc
  8. Content creation on social media (1 post a day)
  9. Ongoing brand consultancy
  10. Feature: 30 second animation and explainer video

This is an additional £12,000
worth of services!!




Our guarantee to you is that we work till you are happy, you are not buying fixed hours, you are buying outcomes. The biggest outcome we wish to deliver is to make you look good, for you to clearly communicate your offer and to be desirable in the minds of consumers and investors.



The Background
Two experts in the field of property auctions wanted to build a business and move up to the next level. They individually had success and co-authored a book together but they needed a brand now and wanted to stand out in the market place. Both were willing to push the envelope on this and wanted to take the industry by storm as they felt they had built up the reputation to do so.

What we did
The key to unlocking this brand creation project was to understand the nature and personality of the two experts and we did this through the brand values workshops process. From here we got the sense that they were willing to push the envelope out and that we could have some fun. We came up with the brand name Hammered, which has an obvious auction connotation and also has somewhat suggestive with and thereby its highly memorable. From there we built out a brochure and a website. We kept everything very minimal from a colour perspective, keeping it all black and white. This was to (pardon the pun) hammer home the force and impact that the name creates.

Adapt IQ

The Background
The client here was very creative and an expert in building successful businesses. He had already worked in the field of creating and selling a Sales Force agency and wanted to do it again, this time better than before and that journey started with the brand. He already a name in place, Adapt IQ, and the logo but apart from that everything was up for grabs.

What we did
As the client was very clear on what he wanted, little exploratory work was required. Instead it was about bringing the vision to life and fundamentally that was through the website and the communication of knowledge and expertise that was on offer, which we did with animations. The trick here was to create something that is typically very dry and uncreative in a way that would make the industry take notice. Where a lot of time has been spent since the creation of the site is to support the rapid growth of the business by changing content on the website, creating white papers and content for social media.


The Background
This was an existing fried chicken store, part of a national franchise. The trouble was the franchise in itself was quite poor in its care for franchisees and as a result the client had created a better offering and level of service compared to what the brand was providing. They weren’t sure how to grow from this position.

What we did
Through our consultancy we convinced them that moving the franchise and creating their own brand would lead to the biggest growth. So we looked at the marketplace and saw how by creating something that felt still like fried chicken but just looks cleaner and more modern was the best route forward. We came this brand name Hench, where you have the play with Henchicken, also it reflected the proposition of great portions and the use of high quality meat. We designed the logo and colour usage and redesigned their store offering and packaging. From here we are working with the client on the journey to selling franchise for themselves, they have 7 locations already agreed to launch in 2023.


The Background
The client here had a successful salon and wanted to launch a product into the market place that would add waves and bounce to hair. They went out and created and patented a new type of comb which they branded Gkomb. However, apart from the product and the name there was no brand around it all.

What we did
We defined what Gkomb stood for. The emotional and psychological play of how we wanted people to feel by owning a Gkomb. We created an ecommerce site for the client to sell off and to pitch the brand in the best way possible.


The Background
The client was a team of individuals who were connected to the property market in different ways, from construction, to development to architecture. They wanted to be aggressive in the market and flip residential properties into homes of multiple occupancy with the co-working space. Thereby getting into the co-living sector which is fast emerging. All they had at this stage was a property they had just bought and the desire to create a brand. The other challenge was they wanted to sell the concept which would extend beyond their first site.

What we did
Through looking at the competition in this young market, we did a series of brand values workshops to unpack the vision going forward and the experience that they wanted to sell. We created the brand name MeWe, with the idea of individuality and community. From here we created the identity design and the website.


The Background
A lovely couple, one had a day job in Canary Wharf and the other was the creative who wanted to do something in fashion. They both decided to give it a go and invest all their time and energy into a creating a fashion brand, which is a tall task. They had sourced ethical garment manufactures in India which supported women workers and treated them all fairly. They had collections designed and many ideas but they needed to bring it all together. To give it a sense of meaning and to define their market niche.

What we did
The fashion industry is vast and heavily financed. To carve out a space within it is not an easy startup proposition. We had to focus down the offering, rather than being something that just looked good and appealed to everyone, we worked on the pitch of creating something around the yoga marketplace and for everyday wear for the yoga practitioner that doesn’t feel like gym wear or overly hippy.

We worked on defining this vision and then creating a name that fitted. Here we created something unusual, we had two parts to the name the first the brand itself, Pylgrym, capturing this sense of spirituality and journey. The next the shorthand and the name that would be used for campaigns and the sense of empowerment - I am, making together I am Pylgrym. From there we directed photoshoots, created all the brand materials and an ecommerce website.


The Background
Here we had a client who already had a big reputation in France as being one of the leading specialists in marquetry and timber flooring, coming from a family of specialists. The challenge now was the company wanted to come to UK and in particular the London market and they felt they needed to create a distinct brand for this. They also had acquired a shop on the famous Kings Road in London and had an existing name of Wood on Wood. We felt this was weak and didn’t capture the many different aspects of the business.

What we did
We first looked here at the timber flooring market and found it to be quite bland and generic. There was no fashion appeal or desirability. So this market was ripe for the taking. As always we did a brand values workshop to tease out the uniqueness that was on offer and the different angles that we could play with. We felt the angle around ancestry and the also the specialists in wood was a great angle, as well as that wood in itself is something that evokes history, we created the name L’Origine, which is close to the English so it is easy to understand but also creates a level of desirability and retains it’s French origins. Off the back of this created a set of beautiful brochures to explain the brand and use as the design guide for the website and the store fit out.


You are getting all the support you need to pitch your business right, to pivot and change that as you develop, or to give you more tools and assets to get your brand message out there. The purpose of a brand is to create desirability and preference in the mind of a consumer or investor. Having a brand differentiates you in a marketplace, allows you to get attention easier which ultimately generates profit and allows you to grow.

How this unbelievable ‘all you can eat’ offer works?

  1. Click a link and let’s set up an online meeting to get to know you to get to know us
  2. We typically get lots of requests for this ‘all you can eat’ offer and we’ll boil it down to a handful of companies that we really feel we can help and who we could get on with
  3. If you are on that short list we’ll arrange a meeting to see if we both want to work together
  4. Based off that we’ll pick two companies for that month that we’ll start working with
  5. Payment terms would be £3.95k (+VAT) before we start and another £3.95k (+VAT) after two months. Then it will be ten monthly payments of £205 (+VAT).
  6. Within the first two months we would expect to have gone through the tasks required to set up the brand: brand strategy, developing the pitch, naming and messaging, identity design, graphic design services, web design, and copywriting. All the things that you need to launch your brand with. N.B. Only after the 2nd payment is made will video and photography be conducted, as this is an external cost to the agency. The only part of this package (including animation) where we cannot reshoot or redo, as they are not in house services.
  7. We then work with you across the next ten months to change the website, even redo it completely, or change the naming on products, or even a new brand name or logo, or if you need to create a sub brand, or launch a new product or category, anything we are there for you. OR if everything is good we support with all the consultancy, design and web support you need to market your brand forward, whether that’s creating campaigns which require design and landing pages, or new brochures, whatever it is we’ll do it. On top of that we’ll create a nice little bespoke explainer animation as well.
  8. After the twelve months we can review where we are, and see if you still need us to help you grow.
  9. Our interest is that you succeed in your business. We have the skills and experience in building and creating brands. Making them look attractive so they are desirable and we know the tricks on how to play emotions to create persuasion and ultimately drive sales.

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