Know who you are

Brands are just like people. They have personalities, they create attraction by their emotional pull. To create a great brand you need to go through a process of defining what it is you stand for, how do you make people feel so that you stand apart from the competition.


All good brand projects start on the basis of understanding a market and gathering knowledge. The way we look at desk research is to get a feel of the competition.

Stakeholder Interviews

For businesses that have the size and the client base, conducting stakeholder interviews is another powerful form of gathering perceptions, which helps develop the brand values later on.

Brand Values Workshops

This is the heart of what we do. To establish a set of values which define what a business or an organisation stands for.

Brand Story

With the brand values in place, the next part of this journey is to create a narrative that wraps it all together, it needs to be simple, easy to understand and replicated in communication.

Creating Brand Names

Good brand names cut the communication battle, are emotive, memorable and, most importantly, serve a purpose in unpacking what it is that they are about.