Old can be gold too

Direct mail is often overlooked as an old school, out of date way of getting attention and winning business. Funnily enough, as we receive less and less through the post, a named letter or package carries a little more importance these days. When dealing with high ticket items and especially business to business sales, a funny, or a clever piece of communication that lands in an office intray is often hard to dismiss. It gets opened, looked at and interacted with for a period of time, and best of all if the creative is right, it rarely gets thrown away. So when the time is right and they want to buy they’ll pull out that piece of direct mail and give you a call.

If you combine direct mail with digital techniques simultaneously, it suddenly propels your brand in the mind of the prospect. If they have already been seeing you in digital platforms and then suddenly something pops to them in the mail, they are already warmed up and aware of your brand.

At Bland to Brand we have been dealing with direct mail strategies for many years and it is our most important single business development strategy for marketing. We don’t sell anything here that we don’t buy ourselves.