Don’t go out to get people, get people to come to you

While marketing tactics are somewhat aggressive and are all about pushing messages out and trying to get attention and immediate action, content-based marketing is very different and a new trend. Sometimes referred to as inbound marketing, the idea is that content is created and distributed, either to your database or communities you might be part of. The content can be anything from a knowledge piece, a white paper, a video, even an Instagram post, anything really that either provides knowledge, humour, entertainment or provokes a discussion. This then builds your brand and message in a prospect’s mind. You can demonstrate what you are about in a way that adds value with content that people want to consume. The more you communicate and give, the stronger you build your brand. To the point where you can be perceived as the ‘go to’ for your industry.

With all of this, it increases your credibility and brand, ultimately though it also drives sales. People are driven to you by what you put out, rather than you pushing a sales message to get them in. It is a long burn and you have to build audiences and create content of value regularly but the results are phenomenal. It provides different avenues for people to find you and interact with you.  It gives you the ability to stay in a prospect’s mind with relevant content and you get other benefits like your Google ranking will improve.

Like all marketing endeavours, it can’t be seen in isolation. Content marketing should work alongside either a digital campaign or direct mail campaign which offer more immediate calls to action.