I Like to move it move it

Motion graphics are cool. They are a great way to get a message across because they are imaginative and allow a business to tell a story. If you look on Facebook, YouTube etc, we love to consume small bits of content, about a minute in length or so. The other cool thing about them is that you control the narrative. When someone comes to your website, to a large extent, they are in control of the content they read and the order in which they read it. With motion graphics, you can explain the main points you want to talk about in an entertaining way.

Create your world, and explain complex messages

The other thing about motion graphics is that they allow you to create your own world and the rules (in terms of film, environment and character style). This means that you can explain complex ideas easily, and it doesn’t involve the same budgets as having a video production, with sets, or locations, actors, scripts, all well shot and edited to create the same effect.