What do we do?

Fundamentally we
fulfill two types of
client needs:

Fundamentally we fulfill two types of client needs:

#1 Brand creation

You are starting a new business, you are launching a new sub brand and need help in shaping and defining what this new brand will look and talk like.

#2 Brand development

You have reached a level of success with your business and you want some serious brand thinking to take it to the next level.

Broadly speaking this is how
we can help you

Broadly speaking this is how we can help you

#1 Your pitch and positioning

When building brands that standout the pitch of your business and position within the marketplace is the foundations.

Most companies or individuals want to rush into design phase without much consideration of how the pitch and positioning affects how your brand design and marketing activities will follow.

If you are already pitching your business like a commodity, or one of many, it makes creating differentiation very hard. At this stage it is crucial to understand your brand personality and the features that make you unique, no matter how small, as these can be used to create that distinction within the marketplace.

#2 Design and creation

This is where the fun really begins. Having set the foundations it’s now about bringing that to life across your design assets.

The design assets like logo identity, websites, brochures and so forth have to work together for maximum effect and you want to place together a theme and structure that runs through everything, to make brand recognition easy.

We take this even further by commissioning photography, videography, and animation. These are tools that allow for further brand expression and really help set you apart from competitors. 

#3 Brand growth

Growing a brand is very different to generating sales for the immediate future. Brand growth is all about shaping a perception in a marketplace that allows you to create a barrier to the competition, preference in the minds of the consumer, and the ability to charge higher prices.

There are two ways to grow brands in the climate today. Social media is one of the best places to do it, as the platforms are currently free. They allow each brand and individual to broadcast their own message and build their own audiences. All it takes is a commitment to creating content.

The other way to grow your brand is through paid media. Again this can be on social or it can be on more traditional media forms like billboards, radio or TV, there are plenty of opportunities. Again the goal is the same, to make the brand famous within a niche to de-commoditise the perception of it and to leverage the strength of having a brand.

This is a long term game and investment is required but it is the best investment you could ever make into your business for long term growth and profitability.

Services #1


Your pitch and positioning

Customer interviews

This is where insights can be gained. Either through qualitative or quantitative research methods. Especially when you have a large number of clients to get a feel for thoughts on your business, how they perceive the brand and any strengths which you might want to leverage on.

Staff interviews

Those who work for you know you the best. They can give you an understanding of what the brand means to them. You can get their buy for any re-brand or brand development work.

Competitor landscape

This is a vital step. It gives us an idea of how sophisticated the market or niche you are in is. Are they using any brand tricks or is the arguments highly functional. How hard would we need to push the brand forward to get attention and attraction in the mind of the consumer.

Brand values and brand story

These are the heart and soul of any brand building program. They give the organising intelligence of the brand, what you are trading off. These values are meaningful words which best shape and define you. We pull them out through a workshop format, and can involve multiple stakeholders, then reflect them back. Once agreed these values are used for the basis of copy writing and image direction.

Services #2


Design and creation

Identity design

The logo is the most simplest form of brand identification. It doesn’t need to be complex, most nowadays are typographical without a mark associated, colour is very important and then setting the rules for usage in terms of fonts and how the brand should be incorporated daily in terms of brand guidelines document.

Brochure design

Whether you need a brochure or not, brochure design is one of the most expressive ways to bring a brand visually to life. A brochure lends itself to lots of design experiences and styles. The story telling is linear opposed to a website where anyone can click anywhere.

Website design

Everyone needs a site. It’s a natural point of reference for customers to understand you better and for you to send them to a place as well. A good site gives authority, shows off your brand personality and it gives you the ability to standout. For those who want you can also transact on a website.

App creation

For those that want to add more functionality and hook customers further an app is a great way to go. It has really offer something unique and it needs great user experience and a user interface to make it as frictionless as possible.

Services #3


Brand growth

Building on social

Pick a platform, and let’s dominate on it. It takes time but we can hold your hand or be your hands in creating content and drive engagement. This content can be the written word, images, infographics or video. We can produce it all for you. Building on social needs consistency of posting putting out lots of content. The more content the bigger amplification and the quicker the rise to fame.

Paid media

To accelerate growth you put budget behind content for it grow on social media, which is a great testing ground. Then you can produce that same content at a higher quality and put in more traditional advertising mediums.