how much can a logo say

How much can a logo really say about a company?

Clients love to get into the nitty gritty of logo design. They will fascinate and faff over them for ages. And while I get it, I think most of it is a waste of time. Because how much can a logo really say?

Your brand values or the essence of your company can never be captured by a logo. A logo is too simplistic a device. What happens clients infer meaning to the smallest little detail. They think that a viewer of that logo will understand the nuances and obtain the same meaning that they intended.

That’s why for me logos need to be simple, typographical. Colour is far more important for a brand and a logo. The place where you really want to express your values and your ethos is through web, social, and advertising, that’s where your audience will shape and form an idea of you, not from your logo.