Man city

The branding of Manchester City

Sheikh Mansour purchased Manchester City in 2008. 2016 Pep became the manager and started their dominant run. From 2017 City also started their dominance off the pitch…

Their commercial success grew over 50% in the period 2017 to 2023 and at the same time their social media profile also almost trebled!!!

Comparatively, you look at other teams around City and while they also grew their social and economic profiles, no one quite hit it like City did.

City invested heavily in its Media City Hub and while I’m not directly saying their financial success is related solely to their social media success, they have certainly grown their brand from really a nothing club to the beast that they are today.

Certainly, their ability to buy players and their performance on the pitch has enhanced their reputation and brand but they are equally hitting their commercial and branding goals as hard.

Clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool who have also been putting out a great product on the field in recent years have no way been able to match the commercial and social media success that City has enjoyed.

This is the perfect marriage of product and brand = success