great brand great business

Great brand, great business

There are three levels to brand and business…

1. You have a good product or service

2. You have a brand that distinguishes you from your competitors

3. You have a successful brand that allows you to charge a price premium and to be preferred in the mind of the consumer

By being a great brand you have all the benefits of being a great business and much more, as you can leverage price and preference amongst other things.

Pounland is a great business but that doesn’t make it a great brand. It is not attractive, it doesn’t create desire. It exists because it drives the price down and services on volume and small margins.

As strange as it sounds it is much easier to be a great brand than it is to be a business that is always under threat from competitors and is heavily price conscious. Getting people to want you is not as hard as many think. It just requires investment in the activity of brand building.