Investing in your brand might be your best investment yet

Why is brand investment distinct from other marketing or sales activities…?

It’s the payoff!!!

Any sales related marketing activities you are looking for immediate traction or at least within a three month period. With digital everyone is obsessed with tracking, conversions, impressions, leads and so forth. We have top-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel activities. Blah blah blah.

With brand building activities there is no immediate or short-term payoff. There is little in terms of metrics. All there is a commitment to doing it. And that for me is what separates businesses.

By the nature of being in business we have to create sales pipelines, we have to think about money today. But brand development is looking at your business for the long haul. Just like investing in a stock or share, you are looking for a long-term payback. I strongly feel businesses need to set aside budget for not only direct sales marketing but for brand building as well. The rewards are immense if you do!!!

That’s the mindset you need for building brands. As so few businesses actually do it, you are already become an immediate winner once you commit to it. Then when you execute brand building and let it develop over time, three years minimum, you can dominate a market, you can become famous, you can create preference in the mind of the consumer and pretty much you can charge what you want.