coca cola

Brand value

Brand is intangible! And that’s why I always struggle to get clients to immediately understand the value of creating a brand. They are happy to create a logo and website but that is not a brand!!!

A brand plays on your heart and how it makes you feel and the desire it creates. You don’t buy a brand because it solves a problem, you buy a brand because you want it, to the point where logic goes out of the window.

Take Coke Cola. Everyone knows it’s not good for but it has been ingrained in the human psyche just as natural as drinking milk. When you look at the stock market valuation for Coca-Cola almost half its value comes from its brand!!!! That’s why companies like Virgin, when they try and create a cola, they fail flat. The brand of Coca-Cola is so strong and it offers so much protection.

Building a brand is a long-term game whose payoff is immense!!!

Be more than just a business, be a brand!!!!