The brand formula

Want to know the secret sauce for brand success….???

Well, here it is!!! After decades of trying to solve this problem, I have come out with this formula. This surely rivals any of Einstein’s work…. 😅 😅 😅

Brand success comes from three key factors:

1. The most obvious, which really if you are in any form of business you require is a quality offering, whether that is your product or service.

The trouble is for most businesses that is where they stop. They think the reputation of a product or service on its own will build a brand. And it can but very slowly as the two other factors involved become implied rather than explicit and acted upon.

2. Building an identity and perception is crucial to brand success and this means more than just having a logo. Identity is a deep subject matter. This works on positioning against competitors, your own values and mission, then it comes to life across your marketing and communications and in a very insignificant way in your logo.

3. The final part of the formula is psychological needs and the feelings that it generates for the consumer. A commodity offering gives you basic needs at a cheap price point and there is no feelings or psychological fulfillment. But a brand plays with the mind and the heart, it demands attention and attraction and creates a sense of desire and preference in the mind of the consumer.

Now you have the formula, go out and experiment with it!!!!