startup journey

The Startup journey

When starting a business there is a mad rush to get it out there, to build, to create, to just get moving!!! And once you have built, you realise that no one is knocking down your door, so you have to market. You dabble in every platform, channel and fad out there. Hoping to see a return. All the time wondering if you should have really quit your day job….

The most important step is thinking!!! I have met too many startups that haven’t thought about their proposition. What are they bringing to the marketplace? How is that going to create attraction? Who is the target market and how are you going to reach them? How will you price it? What’s the emotional appeal? These are just some of the questions that get skipped and as a result money is wasted in the creation and marketing stages as these questions and many more were never contemplated, tested and answered first.