Where do you belong?

We all start our business journeys from a point of inspiration, taking a brave step, quitting the status quo of employment.

That makes us all adventurers. Individuals who are willing to throw a bit of caution to the wind and take risks.

With growth and success comes a bit of comfort. No longer the need to fight to stay alive. Competitors often spring up or we no longer challenge and push as hard as we did. Why should we? We are doing okay!

This is the pivotal moment. Do you stay cushy or do you push again? Once you have a business that works it is the perfect time to take to the next level and that is to make it a proper brand!!!

Being a brand means that you stand out, you separate yourself from the crowd and you invest into brand building activities, to become famous, to become desirable, to transcend the product and service that you offer and become a symbol in the mind of a consumer for something more.

Go forth and conquer!!!