the truth

The truth

When I came across this statement it was like a eureka moment for me…

It encapsulated so much of what I had learned and experienced in the world of brand creation and it summed it up so perfectly. It is an undeniable truth!!!

Think about it, we almost had World War III on the basis of the right to consume. Capitalism promotes choice and as much as possible a free market economic system. Communism removed the idea to consumption, to choose, everything was equal and all was one. One bread, one phone, one TV, one radio station, one State etc

When you have choice in the marketplace that allows for business creation, entrepreneurship, and competition to exist. The fact that we as humans have subjective beliefs allows for brands to be built. As subjective beliefs are not rational. These subjective beliefs are shaped, influenced and persuaded. Advertising and emotive communications plays on these subjective beliefs and feeds them.

Businesses that just think about the functional offering they bring to the marketplace are missing a massive trick and truth of human behaviour and psychology, that we have subjective beliefs. Business owners need to play to those beliefs and influence the mind of the consumer!!!