Brand Creation

The background: A couple of very talented brothers came to us, who wanted to improve their property development company’s image with regard to their brand. The brief was to look at the name of the company and to create a website alongside new print materials.

What we did: As normal, we looked at the competitors and found out who was cool and not. With property development, there was lots of crossover with interior designers and architects as well. They fight for the territory of design. That’s the difference between a good looking development or a bad one. So we wanted to really push the boundaries of style and create elements with real thought and precision, as was represented by the brand values that were created. From this process, the brand name Edit emerged and fitted well with ideas of how these developers ‘edit’ the landscape and can ‘edit’ existing properties to bring out the best in them.

We have just completed a simple website and are working on a variety of print literature, which will help communicate the brand.


  • Research
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Story
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Web Design