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Sow & Reap is a very successful property sourcing and property investment company. Running for about ten years, they wanted to improve their communication and show potential clients what they could really offer and their approach.


Once we got a feel for this specific niche marketplace, and understood the values of this business through the values workshops we conducted, we wanted to bring their property deal documents to life. To show off the numbers in a way that makes them pop off a page. The trouble with their existing communication was, for legal reason, it was very verbose and had presented potential clients just a walls of text. Our job was to extract the elements of information that were actually of real value and to highlight them, but to not make it over the top as we might do with other clients just for the nature of the client base and that these documents weren’t used as top line communication devices to make people aware of the business, they were serious documents for serious investors.

Alongside this, we created a website which showed off the property knowledge that these guys had.

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