Brand Communication

The background: If ever you have travelled to Australia or lived there you would most likely have come across the Quest brand. It is the largest serviced apartment hotel brand in the region, with over 156 buildings. The challenge now was to grow the brand further in new territories, the UK being one of them. We dealt with their UK director of development to make the perception of the brand more savvy and striking.

What we did: Our main output was to create a brochure. Our approach like always is to create any narrative based on a set of brand values, which we explored through the workshops we did with the client. This set the markers for how the content will flow in the brochure, which we were looking to make a sizeable document… over 80 pages long. Next, we used non-literal imagery and infographics to bring to light the key points and to make the content which in essence was standard, come alive and be eye catching.


  • Research
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Story
  • Brochure Design